Sunday, August 31, 2008

Babies and Me

Jerry is off working a 24 hour shift so it's just the kids and I until tomorrow. It has been a relatively quiet day so far....but there's still a little while before bed time. Abby really wanted to go to the coffee stand for chocolate milk this morning (no prompting from me!) and I told her we could go after baby Trey woke up. She wanted me to go wake him up right then... I wisely told her no...we don't wake sleeping babies. Finally he woke up, I fed him, got the kids in the car and to the stand we went, jammies and all. Ranelle (Abby's fave!) was working and when we left Abby said "Mommy talk to Ranelle. Abby say hi. Abby no crying. Abby nice." We've really been working on getting her to be polite...usually she gets all bent out of shape and starts crying and fussing when we see people, so I was proud of her for being nice and recognizing that she was nice. Baby steps. After my delicious coffee I put Abby down for a nap and fed Trey and then he went down so I managed to get the laundry started. I got everything that had been washed earlier in the week put away...I have to wait until I'm alone to do that, otherwise I have "help". Trey actually took two naps during Abby's nap, about an hour each time, it was great. He's been very active today and is starting to figure out how to get things into his mouth. Time to get all of Abby's little beads, and other crap up to her room and off the floor downstairs! Now I'm just passing the time until she goes to sleep, a little quiet time with Trey and then I may try to find some girly movie to watch!

Popcorn Fun

Last night we busted out the popcorn maker we got for Christmas. Abby was pretty good all day and we thought she might like a special treat before bed. She has been interested in popcorn lately (not sure why) so it seemed like a good time to try the machine. She was absolutely fascinated by the whole process and it was very funny to watch her amazement at the fact that you put these little things in and a few seconds later popcorn falls out in your bowl.

Friday, August 29, 2008

One Picture is Not Enough!!!!

What a 2-year-old can do with a box of markers and 10 minutes alone......

first thing I see
all tattooed up

checking herself out

so cute

why not?

eh, what's a little more?

she even colored her tongue

I find it hilarious when she crosses her eyes....she likes to make me laugh

caps on the fingers....look how black her hand is!

coloring is serious work

Random Observations

Things are back to normal this week. Jerry started back to school, Grandma came to babysit, I went to my two days of work and it's raining. Nothing much to write about so I thought I'd write down some of my many worldly observations.

1) I love the rain. Most of you like the sun but I am one of the few who truly enjoys a gray, rainy, stormy day. It is nice to be outside but I find something so cozy and relaxing about having to stay indoors. It was more fun before Abby got older (now I have to find things to entertain her!) but it feels less stressful than packing everyone up to go places.

2) I am disappointed with the tuna fish companies! It used to be that you could open the lid and then use it to smash all the water the lids are so thin that they bend and it's nearly impossible to get all the moisture out. I guess it's less waste to make the cans thinner but it's a true pain in my behind

3) They cost more but I am in love with shredded carrots. I hate grating (cheese, carrots, potatoes, whatever) and when you need carrot pieces they work fabulous.

4) Babies are more fun the older they get. Trey is no longer new-bornish, he makes faces, laughs, babbles and responds to me. He never liked to be cuddled so now I can hold him for a while and he enjoys the interaction. Abby doesn't appreciate the extra time he's getting but oh well.

5) Terrible's no myth...our house has been overrun by it. Abby learned the word "Mine" and hasn't stopped using it since. It's kind of ridiculous when people want to say hi to us and she's screaming "my mommy", "my daddy"......

6) I am not much for the world of housework but before kids I could do it when the mood there are two more people contributing to the mess and taking up all my cleaning time...not a good combo. Jerry has assured me that it's okay to have a house full of doghair, crumbs on the carpet, endless dirty laundry and bathrooms that aren't spotless because there are two little people who need my love and attention more than the house does. Now taking applications for pay, no benefits...who's interested??

7) I will be voting for Barack Obama. I'm a solid democrat. I do not understand how anyone could vote republican this year (or any other year). I feel very strongly about this and as that is the case...we don't discuss politics in our house. I now know why you should never discuss religion or politics with people!!

8) Naptime around here is just too short...I could use an extra hour of peace and quiet...but hey, at least they nap.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Today's walk

I took the kids for a walk in the new stroller by myself for the first time today. I was not accosted by any meth-heads, crack addicts, vagabonds, stray dogs, rabid squirrels or other such character. In fact, there were 3 kids playing frisbee-golf, two old couples and one girl with a baby and two dogs...not a freak on the trails. I can now say that, yes Jerry, you were right, it is safe to walk during the day.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fun Times

I had such a fun day yesterday! It was my 10 year reunion and the festivities began with a family BBQ at a park in Lynden followed by a lovely dinner at good ol' JJ Freys in Sumas. Abby woke us up in the morning (she's a lovely alarm clock!) and I rolled out of bed, got ready, packed up everything we needed while Jerry got ready and we set out about 10:30...surprisingly right on time (if you know us at all, you know how rare that is!). We made it to the picnic and Jerry and Abby headed off for the swingset never to be seen again. (poor jerry). Since Abby was being her usual cheerful self (all she said was "NO!" and "My baby!") it was nice to send her off to play. I had a fun time catching up with some old acquaintances and seeing all my classmates' kids, it was fun to see people as parents now. We left in the early afternoon and drove to my parents' house where Abby went right down for a desperatly needed nap. Jerry took a nap on the couch as usual while I fed and played with Trey. We got ready for dinner and left close to 7. I fed Trey before we left and was hoping that I could get a few hours in before I'd have to come home and feed him before bed....but he surprised us all by drinking some of his bottle and going to sleep for grandma! Thank goodness for grammy!! She called with word that he was asleep and I could extend my curfew until after midnight!!

Dinner was good, prime rib with the works...I think Jerry was in heaven. It was a little awkward at many times can you ask "what have you been up to" without wanting to puke? But as the night wore on (and the drinks disappeared) it became a lot of fun. I got to catch up with the handful of people that I was truly excited to see and didn't leave until 12:30. Jerry was a real trooper, he found some other husbands to hang out with which was nice for him. I think they just laughed at how ridiculously silly their wives became when surrounded by old friends! My feet were almost numb by that point and so we left for home. I didn't think it would go well waking the kids up to put them in the car but they were awesome. Abby was awake the whole trip home but quiet and fell right to sleep when Jerry put her in bed. I fed Trey and he was asleep again within 15 minutes so I got to bed just before 3. I know, I am truly a party animal.

Abby was up at 8 this morning, I was so dang tired that it was a Pop-tart breakfast for her, along with some cartoons while I took up residence on the couch. Trey slept until 10:30, I fed him and then made a desperately needed coffee run. Abby fell asleep in the car and so I put her straight to bed when we got home. Then I fed Trey and he fell asleep so I thought I would finally give it a whirl and put him down in his crib....and guess what....HE'S STILL ASLEEP!! It's the first time they have taken a nap in their rooms at the same time. It's been just over an hour...I have taken a shower, read part of my magazine and enjoyed my delicious coffee, and written this...what a fabulous two days!

P.S. I did take 1 picture, yes 1, last night but I'm too lazy to download it, sorry!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

poop and laughter

Trey laughed for the first time tonight. I'd like to say there is a cute story involved, however the precious moment occurred after our walk tonight while I was changing his diaper in the front seat of the car. Near the end of our walk we stopped to pick blackberries (or black strawberries as Abby calls them) and from 15 feet away I heard the Trey-bomb go off. It's only a 4 minute drive home but I didn't think we'd make it. As he was laying half naked on the folded down front seat I proceded to tell him how stinky he was...which produced THE LAUGH! It was so cute and I can't wait to hear it again. Laughing about stinky poop...he is his father's son.

shopping alone

My ten year reunion is on Saturday and if ever there is a time for a new outfit, it's a high school reunion. After three solid years of growing/feeding babies I am in desperate need of new clothes! So after work yesterday I came home, fed Trey, put Abby down for a nap, left Jerry in charge, hopped in the car and cranked the radio. I do love driving by myself, nobody complains about what I'm listening to, I don't have to answer endless questions and...I can sing. I am a TERRIBLE singer (at least I know it!) and thus I try to avoid offending others in the car by doing it....but all alone I can pretend I'm a rockstar!! I went to Kohl's and pretty much everything in the store was on sale, fabulous. And how wonderful it is to shop alone. Nobody was cranky, or crying that they couldn't walk by themselves or having to sit outside the dressing room while I changed, and changed and changed again. I tried on about 50 things and finally found something that I really like (and that doesn't scream "MOM"). A song-filled trip home and my glorious alone time was over.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

3 months old!

How time flies! My baby is already 3 months old! Here are his latest pics (by the way, the overalls are 9 month ones). Isn't he cute?

Our new ride!

We bought a new stroller today. Not just any stroller, the Lexus SUV of strollers. I have been wanting a double stroller for a while now so that I can get out and walk with the kids. Trey is just too darn heavy to carry in the front pack for long and Abby is still too little to walk a long ways on her own so it was becoming necessary. We went back and forth between getting a side-by-side or a front/back stroller and decided that we are mostly going to use it for going on walks and a jogging stroller seemed the most appropriate. Jerry, the master internet man that he is, put in a lot of time researching all the strollers out there and came to the conclusion that even though the one we got is super expensive it is worth every penny. He researched the construction of it and all sorts of other things (my eyes glazed over after the third page of strollers!) and we felt that this would last the longest and be a good investment. Plus we got a very good deal from the bike place in Burlington. We saved over $100 on the original price so I feel good about that. We took the kids in it tonight and although Abby cried when we took her out of the car (she wanted to go home and get a banana) they seemed to really like the ride. We went up to the Northern State trails, about 3 miles from our house. It's an old mental hospital compound that the state stopped funding. There are miles of trails, all different terrain, and even a frisbee-golf course there. I'd never been so it was really neat to finally see it. I think the kids and I will be spending many hours there. We even stopped to pick some blackberries on our way out, there are a ton of bushes around. I may go back and get more for a pie...I don't like pie but I like to bake and figure someone will eat it!

my (un)happy campers
our blackberry collection
Miss Blue-eyes eating her berries

it's hard being a baby

Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Happy anniversary to us! We have now been married for 7 years and no, neither of us are itching. We have accomplished a lot in the last 7 years together...buying and selling our first house, buying and moving into our current house, doubling the size of our family, obtaining three pets, buying a few new vehicles, changing jobs a few times (megan) and adding jobs (jerry). It's been a busy time. We are done moving for the foreseeable (sp) future and definitely have no plans for any more kids...or pets so I'm feeling pretty comfortable with where life stands. We've done all the big stuff, now it's just getting on with life.

Pancakes for breakfast started off the day. Always a big hit around here. Then Abby went down early for a nap and Jerry went into town, while I cuddled with Trey and watched a movie. If you haven't seen P.S. I Love You, you must rent it. The men-folk won't be interested, it is a total girl movie but one of the best I've ever seen. I think I may watch it again! We suckered my parents into watching BOTH, yes both, kids tonight so we could go to dinner. We had such a lovely, quiet dinner at Anthony's in Bellingham. My steak was beyond excellent and both of us were too full to finish our dessert! Trey wasn't too bad, he got pretty fussy for a little while but was calm when we came to get the kids. Abby of course had a wonderful time playing necklaces. She loves attention and was just over the moon about getting Grammy and Grampa all to herself (Trey doesn't really count since he doesn't do much interfering yet!). She bawled when we left and spent the next five miles saying "Abby go see Grammy for one minute...okay?" Then she joined brother in blissfull sleep the rest of the way home. Both are in bed and I think I'm headed there too. Here's to another 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42, 49...however many years (look at that late night addition!)

Saturday, August 16, 2008


So I'm bragging a little but.......Trey has slept at least 12 hours in a row the last three nights!!! Of course now that I've let you all know that it is sure to not happen again for another week.

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Lynden Fair!

We took the kids to the Lynden fair yesterday and had a marvelous time. We got there around noon and after some serious unloading of the car we were headed inside. First we met up with my mom and her friends to show of the kiddos and then we made our way to the kid carnival. We weren't sure if Abby would like going on rides but we thought we would try and it turns out that she LOVED them! A few trips on the carousel, a car ride and an airplane ride and then we were off to see the animals. We met up with our friend Tony who is the ag. teacher in Ferndale and some of his students have animals at the fair so Abby got to go in the pens and pet some. She liked feeding them the best. Then we went to the educational building and Abby practiced milking a cow while Trey milked his mom! It was a nice air-conditioned building and made feeding Trey so much easier, I couldn't imagine feeding him outside all covered up...I may have melted! Then we sat around in the shade for a spell and waited for my dad to get there. We then all walked around the vendor booths and then ate some dinner and took Abby back to the rides. She made everyone go on the horses again and also went on the plane and car rides. She thought that the horses were dancing and was delighted that she got to pick out her own each time. I'm all for a ride that I don't have to fold myself into to go on! Abby had a blast and was such a well-behaved girl. Trey was such a trooper, I don't think he got fussy at all the whole day. I think Jerry had the most fun of all, he got to lug Abby around in the back-pack. She fell asleep at one point with her head on his neck, I'm surprised he didn't melt in to a puddle on the floor right there!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


We're pretty sure that Trey must store milk in his many extra chins...which is great because he didn't eat while I was at work again.

He did get to try out the exer-saucer yesterday for the first time. He holds his head up really well and loves to look at all the toys. Abby, being the great big sister that she is, helped him learn how the toys work.
lots of milk storage in those cheeks and chins!
helping baby brother out
GOOFY ABBY! (i couldn't resist posting these!)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Jumbled-Up Posting!

It has been a busy five days and I have not written about any of it so this will probably ramble on in no at your own risk!
So I started my second week of work today. It's kinda ridiculous to call them "weeks" of's only 2 days for heaven's sake. But anyway, Jerry was once again on baby duty and from what he said it wasn't awful. Trey and I had a nice 1 1/2 hours together early this morning (like 4 am early) so he didn't get up until 9. Abby had pancakes for breakfast, Trey had.....nothing. That's right, no food for him. The kid hates his bottle. The good news is that he didn't seem to terribly upset about not eating. Jerry put him in his swing around 10 and he fell right to sleep and woke up when I pulled in the driveway at noon. Trey was VERY happy to see his mama...and my boobs were very happy to see him! I filled him up, changed him, played with him and he is now back asleep. I love that my children sleep so much. We had a family picnic on Sunday and it started right at Abby's naptime so she was pretty cranky the whole time. She spent the whole picnic playing on the slides at the playground and fell asleep as soon as we left. She was still asleep when we got home so we put her in her bed. I went up at 6 to check on her and ended up putting her jammies on and she went right back to sleep. She was so worn out that she slept all night. That was just over 15 hours of sleep. She was only up for 3 hours before she went back down for a 3 hour nap. A few more hours awake and she was down for the night. In fact, both kids were asleep before 8 last night! WOOO-HOOO!! I think she may be having a growing spell but who's complaining...not me that's for sure!

Abby also got to spend the night at my parents' house this weekend. I took the kids up Saturday (Jerry was working a 24-hour shift) and stayed for awhile. Matt and Sophia were up as well so it was a fun visit. It worked out that Abby was okay with staying while I took Trey home. She slept in a bed in my old room. She put up a fuss about going to bed but then slept all night. She is such a big girl. She loves going to play at Grammy's house because there are 5 million necklaces to play with...her very favorite things! She puts them on, takes them off, puts them on...etc. Over and over she does this...always in a certain order...she's a very interesting little person. She is methodical, and a little OCD (hmmmm, wonder where she gets that from?!) and so fun to watch.

Abby and I made cookies on Thursday night. She loves to help in the kitchen and does a pretty good job of following my directions. She thought it was pretty great that I let her wear an apron and thought it was even better that she got to eat some dough. I was putting the dough on a cookie sheet and looked over and her entire mouth was FULL of dough...and she was putting her spoon in for more!
And Trey also figured out how to raspberry so now he spends all his time making that noise. It's so fun because at least he does something now!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008