Friday, February 27, 2009


Sometimes when we drive into Mt. Vernon we go a way that sends us right past a cemetery that is always full of new balloons, flowers, statues and a variety of other sparkly objects. Abby always wants to know what it is and I tell her it's a place where people go when they die. Here's today's conversation on our way by:

A: Mom, I want to die so I can go play with the kids.
M: Honey, that isn't a playground. People don't play in there.
A: That's where people go when they die right?
M: Yes
A: I want to die.
M: What?
A: I want to die so I can go there.
M: No you don't. People don't want to die. Besides, you won't die until you're really, really old.
A: Oh, can we go play there.
M: No
A: I want to die, okay? (in a Mom-you're-not-hearing-me voice!)
M: Well, hopefully not while we're driving. Maybe you can wait until Dad gets home?
A: Okay.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

latest and greatest

I still feel like crap but at least it's just general cold misery and not the sinus junk anymore. I managed to clean the kitchen and start some laundry and my energy is now gone. I did not, however, want to disappoint my faithful readers, who I know check this thing every hour just to see what new shenanigans have happened, so here is my lazy, picture filled blog - enjoy!

does he look like jerry yet?
his new face

well, if Mom gets to, so do I!getting there

prettier still
drama queen? voila!

"Is there something on my head"

what she ate for breakfast today...and lunch
chosen attire for the day...wouldn't take the shoes off for nap
MMMMM...yogurt. A new favorite!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I had great intentions of making this an adorable, witty post BUT I woke up this morning feeling like someone smashed my face with a sledghammer. I've got that NASTY cold that so many others have seem to come down with too and boy am I miserable. I'm not stuffed up but holy-moly my head hurts. So here's the highlights of the blog I was going to write:

1. We were Bejeweled (video game) and she was naming the shapes....including the hexagon, seriously where does she learn this stuff?!
2. There are little tear drop looking things on the game too and she kept talking about "pillows", at least that's what I thought she was saying, turns out she was saying "petals" and was very happy when I finally figured out what it was. She was saying it right but how did I know she knew what a petal was.
3. Trey can wave hello/goodbye on's the CUTEST thing I've ever seen!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy 9 Month Birthday

Trey-bug is 9 months old today and what a fun 3/4 birthday it was. The weather has been so nice so we took Rusty out to play today. Then Abby blew bubbles for awhile which delighted him to no end. Then Trey got to eat a fanstastic lunch of mixed cereal w/ applesauce, some apple chunks, cheese shreds and Cheerios followed by dessert - grapes in a mesh bag. And this morning I put him down by his toys and went into the kitchen to get Abby some breakfast and he followed me all the way in there (up 2 stairs!). He has mastered going up....going down is a little bumpy, literally. What a busy week it has been for my little man, we love you buddy!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

what happens when...

you eat a cupcake?
you become a lion! (or a dandelion)

Big Boy!

Where is my baby? Just over a week ago he was barely crawling and in the last 3 days he's become such a big boy. He can pull himself up on the furniture and creep along. He can get up a stair and a half. He can walk holding onto Abby's Dora car. He can sit on her car and actually make it move forward. And this morning I caught him standing up in his crib so it had to be lowered all the way. I think he was such a mellow baby because he was saving all of his energy for now. I have a feeling that he is going to be a very busy, active boy!

Friday, February 13, 2009

How can something so cute be such a booger? She's such a little monster and then puts on a tutu, blue nailpolish and has cookie on her face, what's not to love?!

Feeling the Love

I love you so much that I want to see you at all hours of the night. And going potty is so much fun that I want to do it over, and over, and over. Thanks for getting up with me 9 times last night so I could go potty and giggle over my endless farts with you. Maybe some day I'll be extra good and let you sleep at least 4 hours in a row...maybe. But for now, you are my best friend (well, Daddy is too, but not baby Trey, he's too little to be my best friend) and I like hanging out with you, especially at night.

I don't love you quite as much, since I only made you get up once last night. But I am kind of a big boy now so hangin' with my mom isn't as cool anymore. Wait, you're still my main source of food so I guess I still have to hang out with you a lot. Later.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Chattin' with Grammy

Abby talking to Grammy Cece on the phone. They talked for about 10-15 minutes. In case you can't understand 2 1/2 year old lingo, the two things on her nightstand are a "barette" and a diaper tab that had ripped off a diaper.

Monday, February 9, 2009


yep, she is eating her chapstick
so cute...and then she rolled over. nice sweaty hair-do
so proud of himself!
used all the blocks...again

Sunday, February 8, 2009

What do you get when you're potty trained?

BARBIE GLAMOUR HOUSE!! ca. 1985. I promised Abby that when she was potty trained that she could have my old Barbie house so we went up to my parents' house yesterday, brought it down from the attic, and put it together (with superglue and a prayer!) today. It's roughly 23 years old and still looks good! Abby is super excited to play with the many tiny household items it comes with. Plates, cups, food, silverware, etc. It even has a barbeque with hamburgers and hotdogs! She really is thrilled with it but secretly I think I'm enjoying it more than she is right now!

notice the second's a bedroom AND a bathroom (the tub is lost somewhere right now)

A few of the many Barbies Abby inherited. I think a shopping trip is in order for them...some of the outfits are quite atrocious!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Finally Crawling!

My baby is finally on the move!

Now I'm off to clean the floors.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

At least I got a massage today.

Abby has been playing in her room a lot more the last few days. I thoroughly encourage this as Trey is starting to pick up every stray little thing she drops and stick it straight in his mouth. She asks for a movie to be put in and then putters in her room, coming out every once in a while to see if I need anything (who's the mom here?) or to use the potty. She'd been quiet for an awfully long time today so I went to check on her and found her...drumroll please.... flossing her teeth! Now flossing your teeth is a great thing but unrolling the entire container to floss your teeth - not so great. Now, Mom dilemma, do you praise her for flossing or scold her for taking the whole bunch out? I couldn't decide so I did both. I then cut out the super slimy chunk she'd been flossing with, rolled up the rest and put it nice and high in the bathroom. Really, what kid likes to floss?

Then there's little Trey. This week he has eaten a playing card, a sticker, a marble (chewed, not swallowed!) and a piece of dog food. Abby never put anything in her mouth so I think he's eating for two!

But he sure is cute!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009