Friday, May 29, 2009

We LOVE Summer!!!

It has been a good day (so far!) for me and the kiddos. Abby wore her fancy dress and when we went to get coffee this morning she informed me that we needed to go inside so that she could show Ranelle (my co-worker) how her dress twirled. We spent about 20 minutes in there, Trey loved walking around looking at all the stuff in there, he's pretty fascinated by paper cups. We made a pit-stop at the grocery store for only two things but I let Trey walk around about half the time so it was quite a long stop. We got home and I got Abby settled with a movie while I fed buddy and put him down for a nap. Then Abby and I ate lunch and played outside, well, she played - I sunned myself, for a good long while. After Trey woke up we all went for a dip in the pool. It was too cold the first day we filled it up and Trey was NOT happy about getting in but today the water was nice and warm and we played for nearly an hour. He put his face in the water a few times, I think he was taking sips, but I think it's great that he's not afraid of the water. Abby freaks out every time her head comes near the water, hopefully she'll grow out of that. We came inside and I fed Trey a number of what turned out to be highly messy things while Abby and I made cupcakes! Now we're just waiting for Jer to get home so we can eat dinner - chicken tacos, YUM! He's on duty tonight so hopefully anyone with an emergency will have the decency to wait until after we've eaten before making him leave!

What? You don't water in your finest clothes??
Her super awesome twirling skills
I forgot to bring the camera out before we got in the pool so I took nakey pics afterward.
Cute little bum!
He actually gets how to blow bubbles
Strawberries are a favorite!
Next time I think I'll feed him first and then put him in the pool!

Dresses, Dresses, Dresses

Abby is on a dress kick right now, good thing she got a couple new ones recently. We jazzed up her first dress yesterday with some pretty flowers in her pigtails.

She tried to go potty by herself which usually goes alright but she forgot to pull the back of her dress up and ended up peeing all over it. I think she liked getting to wear two different dresses in one day. Since she and Trey were both sleeping at the same time I got to lay out and enjoy some fabulous weather. When Abby woke up she asked for an apple and while I was getting it she stole my tanning bed, little stinker. Looks relaxing doesn't it?!
She wanted to wear a black dress like me today and is therefore wearing her fancy Christmas dress today. It has great twirl-ness to it which is a BIG DEAL to the little lady. I think she's dizzy most of the day from all her twirling.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

She's cute right? And she is also the reason that I am utterly spent, exhausted, out of patience, out of energy and simply over the whole parenting thing. I read a lot of other mommy blogs where it's all cotton candy and world feels like brussel sprouts and storm clouds. I'm fining it increasingly difficult to find the joy in being a mostly stay at home mom. Trey is at the stage where it's not super fun to take him places to play. He can't do much for himself right now since he isn't walking yet (he can, he won't!) so he needs constant attention which just sets Abby off and she becomes a super needy little bugger too. I can't leave the room without Trey melting down and since nobody naps here my house is a flaming disaster, I can't get anything done! I am SOOOOOO looking forward to school being out so that I can maybe get something done around here....and maybe underneath all the dust and crumbs and laundry I will find my sanity!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday Fun

What a relaxing day we had today! I got up early with the kids (surprise, surprise!) and took them down to the coffee stand for my morning fix and then they watched a movie while eating breakfast and I got the kitchen cleaned up, such a treat to do when there isn't a little munchkin hanging on my leg! Then the kids played for a long time and Trey was down early for a nap. Abby wanted another movie and promptly fell asleep while I was making her lunch. So I took advantage of the quiet time by laying outside for a bit, I do love a little sun (I know, wrinkles, skin cancer, etc but I did put on some SPF 2 so that's okay, right????!) After the babies woke up and ate we headed out to Target to get the kiddos some new swim gear. Abby got the CUTEST swimsuit and Trey got some man-trunks 'cause what else do boys swim in? We got home and Abby and I enjoyed some outdoor time while Trey and Jerry had some quality boy-time. Then Abby went over to our neighbor's house to help Erin plant some flowers and while she was gone Jerry mowed the lawn. Then dinner, bed time, some Jon & Kate Plus 8 (new season, so dramatic!) and here I am blogging in peace. Plus Jerry did the dishes, BONUS!!! Here's some pics of our day.
Trey is now a climber
Abby was not about to be left out of the picture action...aren't they sweet

Lilac's in her hair, I love it!
She's the most beautiful little girl!
the frog that I watered right out into the open
Showing off her new suit "superstar" style!
gracefully posing

BBQ time

Sunday night we got together with the Corey family for an early summer bbq since the weather has been outstanding. The boys grilled some super yummy steaks and we filled our bellies. The girls played on the swingset for a long time and I got to hold a sleeping baby for awhile (and then give her back!). It was such a fun evening that we can hopefully repeat numerous times this summer.
Anicia opening her birthday card
Jerry, Tim and the babies
swing time
fun fingerpainting
Trey chowing down on his millionth strawberry
Kids + food = quiet

Somebody got a new....

...HAT. And he wears it many different ways...all of which are stinkin' cute!

and a new shirt to go with it!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Anatomy of a Tantrum

Just because he's 1 he thinks he can throw fits.......doesn't he just look so sad! And all because I wouldn't let him have my coffee.

Trey had his 1-year checkup today. He weighs 23.5 pounds and stands 31.5 inches tall. That's roughly 90% in height and 55-60% in weight, which is right about what Abby was at that age too. He loves fruit of all kinds, cheese (string cheese is a HUGE hit right now) and pretty much anything he can feed himself...except vegetables. Trey takes after his mama for sure in that department, I can't stand most veggies! He's not walking on his own yet, not that he can't he just won't! He has stood by himself and walked a number of times but once he notices that he's not holding anything he sinks gracefully to the floor. I'm anxiously awaiting the day that he doesn't NEED my hands to hold his to walk (YES, I still WANT to hold his hand!). He's a little more cuddly now than he was a few months ago and it has been really nice not be breastfeeding anymore, for me and for Jerry since he can help out and bond a more with the little man.

Poor little dude got his three shots today and had to get blood drawn for a routine iron check and was a real trooper. He cried only when he was being stuck by the needles but was happy otherwise. We had quite the audience in the lab when his blood was being drawn. He was smiling and jabbering with all the people who came to see his cute little face! Let me say, going to the doctor on the Friday before a 3-day weekend was brilliant! No waiting, lots of parking and we even got in early...I will have to remember this for next year!

I love nice days!!

We've definitely enjoyed having some nice weather around here. The kids have gotten lots of playtime on the deck and out in the grass. Trey has gotten over his issues with texture and was having a blast walking barefoot in it. Abby was delighted to see that the field was full of buttercups, which her mama says are real flowers, not like those icky dandelions. Needless to say I wound up with a large bouquet of them tonight.

Future Husky fastpitch player??
working on her "game face"....needs some practice
playing with his new water toy
ET finger
A cheese head with an olive earring...Who loves taco night?!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gym time

Abby loves going to play in one of Daddy's gyms. Jerry took her, and her tricycle, with him a couple weeks ago to play. There are so many fun things to play with and a wide open space to ride a bike, who wouldn't want to go?!

Monday, May 18, 2009

1st Birthday Fun

Me and the birthday boy!
Cute cake
He wanted to dig in right away
Playing with Easton
having a manly discussion about turning the big 1
riding uncle Adam's bike
Abby and Sophia, fountain fairies
hoping this leads to a full ride Husky baseball scholarship
big boy toy
Mom's favorite - a blue volleyball
anxiously awaiting his cake
He ate half before starting to smash it
"Where's Trey?"
and this is how you get cake up your nose
looking a little "cake drunk"
washing it down
loves his dump truck

Look what you get to do when you're 1....yummmmmmm