Thursday, March 3, 2011

me:  "Trey, what are you doing?"
Trey: "Trying to play whac-a-mole on Abby!"

Yep, that's my life. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

I suck at blogging.

No, really.  I SUCK AT BLOGGING.  Things were going well there for a year or so and then I got a life.  Well, I didn't get a life, more like life got me.  It just seems that the days pass by so slowly but bedtime is always here before I know it.  Weird.  The kids are endlessly funny, sassy, cute, rotten and all things in between.  I have oodles of pictures to post but alas, I am pretty sure I won't get to it soon.  I mean, I'd like to think I will but let's not hold our breath here okay?!  If by chance pictures do get posted that will just be a bonus.

But, the kids are growing up SO fast that I thought I'd share a tiny nugget of a story lest I forget it one day when I'm old, like really old, like can't remember where I parked the car old....teehee...just kidding mom, I know you're about the only one who reads this :)

So I needed to run to the store today and it has become apparent that when the kids nap they stay up later.  Not so convenient when I have to get up at 4 am everyday.  I made the executive decision that we would take a trip to the store and not do naps.  When I informed Abby of my grand plan she threw a huge fit about wanting to eat her lunch (PB sammy and "healthy" cookies, of course) before we went.  I said that they could eat their cookies in the car or at the store and we'd have lunch when we got home.  That did NOT go over well.  She yelled at me that 'I never feed her lunch.  She's starving and she'll never get lunch again', oh lordy.  Kicking and screaming she went up the stairs, while getting dressed, down the stairs, while going potty and into the car.  Yikes.  I then asked her if she wanted to be the "Official List Holder" and boom, we were all smiles again.  Point - Mom.

At the store we got a cart with a cup holder...ooooh, so exciting.  Abby spent more time putting her cup in and taking it out than actually drinking anything.  At least she was happy right?  Trey drank his mighty fast and then proceeded to try and throw any remaining droplets onto his sister.  Abby was not happy.  We went to the toy section, Abby was happy again.  We did not get any toys, Abby not happy.  Feeling bipolar yet??  

After the toy section it was time to get serious and get our groceries.  Abby was absolutely a riot as she was trying to be so grown up, telling me what was on the list, what we had coupons for, what flavors of yogurt she and Buddy like, etc.  We were going down the cereal aisle and I asked her if she wanted more brown sugar PopTarts since they were on sale.  She said "No.  Well, they are on sale.  I think we need them."  threw one in the cart and then put one hand on her hip, tapped her lips with her other index finger for a minute, grabbed another box and said "Yep, pretty sure we're gonna need two".  OH MY, she kills me!  I didn't want to laugh since she was so serious but I was giggling on the inside for sure! 

And an extra bonus, the kids both got new sheet sets (Tangled for Abs and Transformers for Bud) and SO DID I!!  I got a $90 set for $21.  Nice!

We also measured the kids the other night, Abby has grown an inch since October and Trey has grown 3.5 inches since the end of March.  No wonder their pants all finally fit!