Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sometimes you've just gotta laugh.

Yesterday was a very trying day around here, probably qualified to be in the top 10 Most Difficult Days. But instead of dwelling on it, I tried to find the positive and remember that my kids are smart, funny, healthy and very well loved and taken care of. And there were a couple things that lifted my spirits.

First, a picture of Abby's buds that she brings downstairs EVERY morning and then back upstairs for nap and nighttime. Missing from the pic are her blanket and books which were occupying space on the couch. She tells me all the time that her knees hurt from making so many trips up and down the stairs. I think now she's got it figured out how to get all stuff where it needs to go in only two trips. She really is a funny kid.

And dear, dear Trey. He stuck a bow on his head and I guess there was enough sticky stuff on it that it didn't fall off.....and he couldn't figure out where it went!! It stayed on his head for about 10 minutes, through all his playing and even for the few minutes he sat on my lap. When it finally fell off he was so excited to have found it again! He's such a bright spot in all of my days!
I'm happy to say that the kids were very well behaved for their Grammy this morning and Abby went down for her nap with NO COMPLAINTS, NO WHINING, and NO EXTRA REQUESTS. That, folks, is a majorly big deal!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Look What I Found!

Too cute!!

Baking with Mom

I asked Trey the other day if he wanted to help me bake some cookies. He ran right into the kitchen yelling "Cookie! Cookie!" I started getting the bowls and utensils ready and on his own he went to the bib drawer (where Abby's apron also is) and found his big bib, took it out and handed it to me. I put it on him and then sat him on the counter. He was so excited, I wish I had a videotape! We got down to business and he was an excellent helper.

He is growing up so fast now. He's starting to put words together to make little sentences. He's really into wanting people to watch him. I hear "Momma, watch" about 50 times a day. He has started calling Gramma "Gum" which is so cute! He loves his baths, his books, his animals, and most of all his bat and ball. He is crazy coordinated. Can throw a ball a long ways (and quite hard), swings accurately with little and big bats and can kick a soccer ball well. He is sure making daddy proud!! He's still going to sleep well, not interested in a bed yet but I'm in no rush since we aren't going to need the crib for anyone else. He's such a joy!!

Start of Another Year

The new year started off like most others, a trip to the coffee stand and then a little morning cartoon action. Trey got his usual chocolate milk and Abby as usual didn't want anything. Since Abby has had her new princess babies Trey has been wanting them so Abby has allowed him to carry one of her other babies around so that he won't touch her dollies.
Poor Buddy woke up on the 3rd with a fever that just got worse and worse all morning. I decided that Abby and I should leave the house and go shopping for a while to keep her away from the germs. Right as I was opening my car door I heard Jer yelling for me...I knew immediately that Trey had thrown up. Yep, he sure had...all over Jerry and himself. It smelled gross and looked like wet cat food. Trey's first puke! He sat with Jerry most of the day but seemed to feel better after that.

What Abby decided to wear on our shopping darn cute!!
He was definitely feeling better by the afternoon.
Such a cute little guy
Abby and I battled about naps this week. She was told that even if she didn't feel like laying down and sleeping that she needed to have some quiet time by herself in her room. That worked for 2 days, she stayed in for almost 2 hours. The third day she only lasted about 40 minutes before deciding that she wanted to come back downstairs. I let her under one condition, she sit on the couch and watch a movie (I still had things to get done), and she promptly fell asleep. I'm happy to report that for the last two days she has napped once again...yay!!!
Asleep with all her buds
And for dinner since it was just the three of us, I let them eat while watching a cartoon. PB&J, bananas and olives, sounds delicious right?!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Years Eve

We did have a party, I promise. The Corey family came over as well as my friend Ranelle and her family. We had 6 adults and 6 kids under the age of 5 here...that would be why we got a whopping 3 pictures of the night. Big plans to play a board game or two but the little people kept us so very entertained that no games were necessary. We did manage to get in a few good rounds of Mario Kart and eat our fill of delicious party food. We recorded the New York feed of the ball dropping and watched it around 9:15 and toasted the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010. All were worn out by that time and I think everyone was asleep shortly after, I know I was!

Can't say I'm sad to see 2009 go. Trey changed A LOT, Abby didn't change at all (still up at 5 and as difficult...or ever! Happy 2010!