Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

Memorial Day was a nice low-key day for the Gardner Clan. After naps, we got dressed and ready to go to the cemetery to pay honor to my late Grandfather Jack Young who was a CPL in the US Army during World War II.

I am not 100% on details but Grandpa worked on P52 Mustangs that flew sorties out of Great Britain (that would similar to where Ben Affleck was when he apparently died in the movie "Pearl Harbor"). Grandpa always talked about these planes and as a young boy I remember vivid believing they were the absolutely most dominating plane of their time. He was immensely proud to make sure his planes were in the air hitting their marks on German targets during his time in WWII.

Whew! Gardner Tangent Moment there... So we went to the cemetery to place flags on his grave, below you will find a pictorial of our trip...

While Mom & Abby were upstairs getting dressed Trey & I were watching a baseball game on TV...
He ran, got his bat said "Hit the ball" and proceeded to mimic the Major Leaguer at bat.
Flags in Hand, check...Ready to go!
He ran right up and tried sticking his flag like the one already in place.
Abby showed him how to do it.

Dad help place them after some time.

Me and the kiddos proudly finished :)
Grandma is right next to Grandpa and Abby thought she needed a flag too.
Megs favorite photo of the day.
Happy Memorial Day to all the Vets that served and are not with us anymore.
CPL Jack S. Young, US Army


I'm Baaaack!!!! Hi Ladies.

Well, Megan has once again given me permission to post a few things on the blog... A few weeks back I found a super-sweet blog ( about creating crazy cool pancakes. Yesterday, I finally broke out the creativity and made some fun pancakes for the kiddos.

There is no special recipe just food coloring, lower heat, patience and ketchup style bottles.... Enjoy.

Trey's Firetruck....
Flowers for Abby....
Butterflies and Hearts for the girls too!
A for Abby (of course)....
She loved her flowers...
Not pictured were some baseball and pretty super sweet tri-color swirl pancake.

As for next time, I already have new bottles and more food coloring to improve my skill. Abby has already asked for a Princess Castle next time I do pancakes. You see the ladder truck in Meg's last post? Yeah, thats right... It will be LEGENDARY and Trey will love it.

Update In Pictures

I'm too far behind to write individual posts so here's the highlights in pictures!

The kids and I went to watch the SWFD softball team play. We were lucky that they were playing on the field next to the playground; I got to watch Jer and the kids got to play.
They actually watched when Daddy was at bat!
Chef Abby. She made food and served it to everyone
My best buddy!
My other best buddy!
They are so precious!
Even when they look like this!
Trying out the potty seat. Not interested.
Abby trying to be a good helper and get Trey's shoes on for me!
Pretty lady!
Sitting in the new ladder truck!
Woman driver!
Brand new 55-15
Playing baseball....that's how Abby stands to field
In Anacortes at the BEST PARK EVER!

Baking cookies with me
Abby laughing at Trey because he just ate flour

Then the flu hit the kids
Color time is back. Abby spends most of her day coloring pictures. We finally bought her some new markers
The fridge ran out of display space so I found a new spot!
Darts, Darts, Darts!
Abby got her first pedicure. She was thrilled!
How you burn off the sugar-high after eating pancakes with syrup...notice Trey
He doesn't move
It got quiet so I went looking for him....and found him in a basket. They love their basket beds
Toddler feet are still squishy cute
Could. He. Be. Any. Cuter??????????

Rainy day play!