Monday, July 27, 2009

go figure

Jerry is back to work today so the computer is finally free. A great time to get caught up on blogs from our vacation and such right??? That's what I thought until Trey decided to have a bad day...a really bad day. I don't know if it's the heat or his teething or just general crankiness but he is one HOT MESS today. Whining, crying, throwing fits, hitting, and the list goes on. Maybe when he goes down for a nap (please, please, please let that time be coming soon!!!) I will get started.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ocean Shores Part II

Kite flying was first up this morning. All the kids got to fly it (including the big kids!)

Abby loved playing in the sand. Lots of time spent burying body parts

Little guy dug sand, threw sand, wore sand, ate sand....sand everywhere!

Poor Taryn, buried and Abby sitting on her!
Then she wanted Trey to have a turn!
Making sand angels!
You know you've been to the beach when you have sand as your war paint!

Ocean Shores Part I

After a long, and I mean LONG trip (took more time to go from Tacoma to Olympia than from Sedro to Tacoma!) we made it to our condo, got unpacked, made a trip to Mr. Donald's (as Abby calls it) and the store, and finally back to the condo for a night's rest. In the morning we were visited by a deer who stayed for an hour or so. Both kids woke up in time to see our new friend before it left.

and then they got to enjoy a morning glass of milk. Chocolate milk. Yum.

We got the kids dressed and some toys packed up, met up with the Holmes family and then headed out to the beach. It looked super cloudy and cold but was surprisingly mild outside. We were all in jeans but I think we could've made it in shorts.
The kids had a blast at the beach. I think Trey would've walked right out into the ocean if we had let him. They stood in the freezing water for a long time and delighted in the fact that their feet were being sucked into the sand as the water receded. Abby was not a sand/ocean fan the last few times we were here and both Jerry and I were shocked that she loved it so much. We all got very wet, sandy, and messy and it was awesome!
Abby and Taryn - such good buddies now!
Hopefully we can get one with Abby's feet to before we go!
Getting their feet sucked into the sand!
My family!

He loved the sand!! Dig, scoop, throw, repeat
After the beach we trooped back to the condo to rinse all the sand off (can you ever get it all off????) and then it was pool time! Abby was slightly braver this year than in years past but is still not too sure about the whole swimming thing. As long as her head doesn't get in the water she's all right. She spent a good portion of the time walking along the wall in the 3 ft section...until she drifted away from the ledge during a big splash. Jerry was right by her and scooped her out of the water but not before she had been completely submerged and inhaled a nice amount of water. Needless to say she was done! She did come tell me that Daddy saved her from the water and was quite proud of him.
Jumping in
Trey loved his lounge floaty. He spent a lot of time in it just, well, lounging. He loved the water. So far he's my fearless one, very much a boy!
Abby was so mellow after her nap that she actually let me do something more exotic with her hair than her usual pony. Her first braids, so cute!!
We had another fun day at the beach today, pictures to come later!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Procrastination is the key to productivity!

We are leaving tomorrow morning for what will be a super fun, super relaxing vacation in Ocean Shores. It has become an annual trip for us and so far every year has been great! The condo we stay in has a nice pool, hot tub, all the fun amenities, plus each room has a patio facing the ocean. I love hearing the sound of the ocean all day long, very relaxing to the soul. I am world's best procrasitnator (I work better under pressure!!) and so far I have made my lists (4 notebook pages in total) of all the things we need to bring. Sounds like a lot but most of it is either little stuff or kitchen stuff. This year will be great since we don't have to bring the swing for Trey. It took up so much cargo space last year! All he needs is his play yard for sleeping and his booster seat...two very packable things. I only have 1 baby in diapers this year too. I think between the two kids I packed an entire suitcase of diapers last year! So I will be spending my day sorting, organizing, packing, checking off my list, etc. Plus we are having a housesitter this year to take care of the pets so I should probably get the house cleaned too. Yikes!

What we all plan on doing in OS

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Walking has its ups......

...and it's downs! Poor Trey met the coffee table with his cheek yesterday and walked away with a nasty bruised and puffy cheek.

Then he decided to go back for more and wound up with a second narly bump right above the first one. To make him feel better I let him wear Abby's new pink tutu (or maybe because it just makes me laugh to see.)
But I did let him venture outside to play on...cement...and gravel. He came inside with no new injuries and I got a nicely swept driveway.
Gosh, isn't he cute?! Jerry is going to kill me for posting not one - but two pictures of this. Seriously, how could I resist?!

3rd Birthday Fun

Jerry's parents happened to be down here on Abby's actual birthday so we had a little party for Abby. I stopped to get her flowers, balloons and her cake on my way home from work. She was pretty excited about the whole deal. She finally gets what happens on your birthday and had been looking forward to the day for a while.

Princess balloon (no flower pics but they are purple roses with blue glitter, very princessy)
Twirling in her new dress from Uncle Matt and Aunt Bethany
Mmmmmm, barbecued burgers!
Monster Inc...a big request
Bumpa and Abby all gussied up in bows and ribbon
Blowing out the candles
Her princess cupcake cake
He's a cake eating pro now
3 men and a little lady...putting together her tea cart
Bumpa showing her how to fish with her new pole. It's serious business
New Play-Doh from Aunt Sally. She was nice enough to share with her brother
First nightgown!!

4th of July!

We partied like rockstars at my mom's house on the 4th. Lots of family and friends, food, fireworks and FUN! We also celebrated the 4 birthdays and an anniversary that all happen the first week of July. The kids had a blast, both fell asleep in the middle of the fireworks (which were spectacular!!) and didn't flinch when the aerials went off...tired pups. Now we can't wait for next year!
Trey bug in his 4th of July finest
Showing off her patriotic tattoo
Some of the crowd
Two fans is better than one!
Trey helping Abby open her presents
Easton is a big walker now!
Youngsters monster truck race
Old timers race
Papa was the big winner for a long shot
Matt and Jerry (who went with the firetruck)
Pleading his case to be the winner. For the record, Molly and I raced too but neither made it across the STARTING line...more backwards than forwards and much to embarrassing to post pictures of!
Costco cake...yum!
Maracas in hand and ready for the conga line
Matt and Sophia
Bethany and Easton
Come on everybody now do the conga!!!
Anyone famous in there???
Sparkler time
Molly helping Abby with her pretty sparkler
And how do you watch fireworks???