Monday, September 29, 2008

Play Time

We took full advantage of the beautiful weather and played outside this afternoon. Abby played with her bubble mower, colored with sidewalk chalk and filled the trunk of her tricycle with rocks while Trey played happily in his exersaucer. I love cold rainy days but it is nice once in a while to get outside and enjoy some fresh air.

They love their jammies!
tired boy...and almost too big for the carseat

almost noon

So it's almost noon here and we have already been to the store and the coffee stand (a must!), there's laundry started, people have been fed and dinner is in the crock-pot! The kids are still in jammies (yes, Abby wore her piggie jams to the store...with boots on.) but hey, you pick your battles.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Family Reunion

My mom, the kids and I went to Olympia yesterday for the Rogers' Family Reunion (my mom's side) and had ourselves a great time. We planned to leave my house around 10 and managed to get going by 10:15...not bad. Abby watched part of a movie and then both kids fell asleep. There was no traffic to speak of and we made it down to my aunt's house around 12:30. It was a pretty small group this year but I still enjoy seeing everyone. It's a very interesting family, lots of stories about when they were young that always make me laugh. We had a delicious potluck/BBQ and Abby got her tummy filled with olives and chips...a two-year-olds delight.
My cousin Emily and her friend Riann (sorry! not sure how her name is spelled) were so fabulous, they just played and played with Abby...even letting her paint. She was pretty much in love with those two girls and it was so hard to get her in the car when it was time to go. Trey was a doll as well. He didn't fuss once the entire day and was ooohed and aaaahed over by everyone...I mean, who doesn't love a cute and happy baby?!

The return trip was equally nice. Trey slept until Everett and then was crying the most pathetic little cry the rest of the way home. Once he was out of his carseat though, he was a happy little bugger again. Abby fell asleep in the car and I took her upstairs, got her in jammies, and she went right back to sleep. I love how easy she is! Hopefully we have another reunion next year and get to visit the gang again...and my aunt's house is just so lovely that I could visit all the time!! Maybe next time I go I'll get a few pictures of it so you can all marvel at it's gorgeousness.
Molly and Simon

Connie, Aunt Sally, Neva (she's in her 80's and looks FABULOUS!)

Bruce and Uncle Bud

Emily, Abby, Riann

Fingerpainting...brave girls

hands in the air!

Friday, September 26, 2008

4 months!

I took Trey in for his 4 month checkup today, where he was weighed, measured, marveled upon and then stuck with needles! I guessed that he would be nearing 18 pounds and I was right. He's 18 obs 11 oz!! And the nurse measured him at 28 inches (I think he's a little less than that) but what a BIG BOY!!! He's not even on the growth chart. Abby got to stay at grammy's house last night so that I could take Trey alone today, considering her melt-down at her last appointment I thought that would be wise. So now Trey is just waking up from his nap (I love the post-shots nap, it's always a long one!) and so we'll be off to run a few errands, soooooo easy with just one kid, and then go pick up the princess!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Good Friends

I have become reacquainted with an old friend these last two days.........the booger sucker! Both kids have come down with a nice cold making my life even more fun than usual. This is Abby's first cold since she really started talking a lot and it is so funny to listen to her! Poor Trey has been pretty full of snot, making it hard to eat and sleep....this is where the sucker comes in handy. I try to get all the nasty junk out before he feeds which seems to help a little, and then as the boogers dry up I suck them out too. How fun. He's been having trouble sleeping the last two nights too. He wakes up choking on his phlegm, what a darling. Last night after being up for the third time (it was only 2 am!) I finally put him in his swing. He fell asleep after a bit and slept the rest of the night soundly. I'm going to put his baby chair back in the crib tonight to see if that helps. I was really getting used to sleeping all night....hope it resumes again shortly!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Mr. No-Nap

Hi, baby Trey here. My mom is calling me Mr. No-Nap today, why?, 'cause I'm all about the playing today. Naps are for sissies (or sisters since mine's asleep right now). I think my mom is pretty awesome and I love hangin' out with the lady. She lets me play with cool stuff, her hair, her necklace, a burp cloth and my favorite...a totally cool green alligator. She even dressed me in cougar colors today (I had on a crimson sweatshirt earlier) but don't tell my dad...maybe I should puke on it before he gets home. Yeah, that's a sweet idea. Go Huskies. Anyway, I guess that's all I've got to say for now...I am only 4 months old you know. And if there's any hot 3-6 month old babes out there hit me up, I'm free pretty much most of the day. I sleep a lot at night so don't call after 9.
Peace out.

P.S. Here's a picture of my sister. I think she's cool now but soon I'll be chasing her around the house, trying to throw worms on her or something.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Family Dinner!

It was almost our first family dinner at the table tonight. It's Jerry's night to be on duty for the fire department and of course he got called out right as dinner was being served so it was just the kids and I. But it was Trey's first time in the high chair and boy was he excited! I piled up lots of toys for him to play with while Abby and I ate dinner. Then I let her have ice cream for dessert and made a bowl of rice cereal for him. Abby enjoyed watching him eat his "dinner" and he sure liked sitting up and being part of the family. Too bad Jerry had to go but that's just the way things go for this family!

Loves olives just like her mom!



As if my life isn't busy enough Rusty decided that he would really like to start digging in the yard, get nice and muddy (thank you rain!) and then traipse around the house. Of course I had just gotten Trey to sleep and noticed the mess while on my way upstairs to put him in his crib. I had to get Rusty in his cage before he made an even bigger mess which woke Trey up so into the swing he went. I put on Cinderella for Abby, went and grabbed the steam cleaner and to work I went. At least I have cleaner carpets. Anyone want a dog??

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oh Crap!

Abby went to hand me the remote yesterday and accidentally knocked over a cup that had a little bit of milk left in it. She looked at me and with such a serious look said "Oh crap!". Then she went to the drawer, pulled out a burp cloth and proceded to clean up the mess. It was so dang cute and I tried very hard not to laugh out loud. Little ears pick up everything!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

...and it's not over yet

Booooooo Huskies...Trey's opinion too.


Rockin' it old-school style!

Abigail Grace

Every mother thinks their kid is the cutest, smartest, best kid around...I am no exception. Abby surprised me the other day by counting to 10 all on her own, I guess she has been paying attention. She likes to goof around and say 1, 2, 7, 8, 7, 8, 7, 8 (why she likes 7 and 8 I don't know!) or skip from 4 to 8 so I wasn't sure if she could do it...but she is a genius for sure now. She also has a set of Little People zoo animals...there are 26 one for each letter. She knows all her letters by sight and the names of all the animals now too. The nightingale looks just like an owl so she gets a pass on that one and we all call it an owl. And there's a Ute (don't know if that's right??) that looks like a goat so she gets a pass on that one too. And because I'm bragging here's a list of all the animals:
Alligator, polar Bear, Camel, Dolphin, Elephant, Flamingo, Giraffe, Hippopotamus, Iguana, Jaguar (she calls it a Jay-wagger), Koala bear, Lion, Monkey, Owl, Ostrich, Penguin, Quail, Rhinoceros, Seal, Tiger, Goat, Vulture (sometimes just a "birdie"), Walrus, Fish (see through"X"ray fish), Yak, Zebra......Genius child???...for sure!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Chow Time!

Trey is so close to being 4 months old that I decided he could try some rice cereal today. He still isn't fond of the bottle so I thought if I could get him to eat something else that maybe he could get his fill that way. It would make life so much easier of Jerry and other babysitters! I mixed up a pretty watery batch and he gobbled it up! He was great at keeping it in his mouth and I can't wait to move on to some other foods in the next month or so.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Stand by Your (little) Man!

For those who thought it was a fluke here's video from today. My almost 4 month old boy LOVES to stand up! I took 10 pictures and two short videos during his nearly 2 minutes standing up before he slowly melted to the floor. He can chew his hand while standing...wonder if he'll be able to chew gum while walking??

Monday, September 8, 2008

Bubba's New Trick

Trey has decided that laying down is for babies...he'd rather sit up or even stand. He needs something for balance obviously but he holds his own weight for quite a while. I let him try holding onto the couch today and he managed to stay up for 30 seconds before he crumpled to the ground. And he's not even 4 months old!

Friday, September 5, 2008

A Good Week

Even with the start of school, it has been a good week around here. The kids have been sleeping very well. Abby woke up at 6 this morning, I could hear her looking at a book on the monitor. I didn't go get her until after 7 (6 is just an unreasonable time to be up!) and I asked her why she was up so early. She told me she woke up to read her possum book, it's a new favorite of hers. I think she'll be a reader just like her mama! Trey has been sleeping in most days until after 9, which is so great. He's been going to bed later, closer to 10 than 9 but I can work with that when he sleeps in so long and he rarely wakes up at night anymore...woohoo! Abby had a playdate with Anicia yesterday and they actually played nicely together. Usually they are quite territorial about their toys and don't share but Abby was nice and let Anicia play with some of her animals and the bunny house. Good times! The Big Lake Elem. parent group put on a start-of-year potluck last night (they do it every year) so I took the kids out to that. I dressed Trey so cute...he looked like such a little old man! He doesn't have any jeans that fit so I thought I'd raid Abby's closet to see if anything would fit. I found a pair of 12-18 month Old Navy jeans that weren't bit at all on him (a little long but not baggy!). He's such a big boy! Tonight we have big family plans...we are going GROCERY SHOPPING!!! It's the only kind of shopping I like. I love to peruse all the aisles and ponder what I would buy if I actually liked cooking...or vegetables. Plus, there is nothing like finding an excellent sale on something you don't really need...cookies, ice cream, etc! Here's some pictures of the last few days also...I know it's what everyone really looks on here for!
See, he does have a neck!

telling Anicia all about the bunny house!

Anicia getting in some big-sister practice!

She may be longer...but he's wider!

giving brother some loves

those cheeks, oh my!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School!

Today is the first day of school in Woolley so poor me, I had to wake Jerry up at 7:15! It usually takes a little yelling, some cover yanking, and a few sticks of dynamite to get him out of bed but this morning I only had to nicely ask twice...must be the first-day excitement. The kids decided to wake up early this morning (they must have known Dad was leaving early!) and Jerry was happy to see them before heading out. Abby ate the peanut butter and honey out of her sandwich, leaving the bread behind...Rusty found it, lucky dog. At 10 Abby decided that it was time for a nap but I was feeding Trey so she had to wait a few minutes....she spent them screaming at me to put him in the times. Off to bed she went and soon after Trey was asleep too. I made a mad dash to clean up the downstairs thinking he would be awake soon but he ended up taking almost a 2 hour nap!! I managed to get cupboards cleaned out, drawers emptied and the glass bar shelves dusted. I felt so accomplished since I could see the living room I took a picture. I knew the cleanliness would disappear as soon as the kiddos awoke and I wanted proof to show Jerry that I did actually do something today!

Yes, I'm aware, we have a lot of stuff...but look, you can see the floor, the bar is clean, and that is a freshly-diapered baby laying there. I am a rockstar.