Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What's One More Post, I'm Kinda On a Roll

He wanted to go outside. Boots on the wrong feet and crocheted bowl cover for a hat. What a funny little guy!

Family Fun Day

It turned out that my brother and family and my sister were all going to be up this way this past weekend so we all got together at our house on Saturday. It is getting so much easier with the kids now that they need a lot less monitoring than they did in the baby stages. We had some yummy pizza, some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and had a great time hanging out!

I love the crossed legs
Abby regaled us with her many princess stories
Cutie-pie Easton
Grammy and her girls. Word has it Abby wasn't too thrilled with having to share her Grammy and kept giving Sophia a little bit of a stink-eye
The cutest little bubbas around

Trey and Sophia
Abby and Sophia with all the Princess baby dolls. I'm kind of shocked Abby let anyone else touch them!
Boys and cars

We get together so few times a year and usually it's for a holiday or birthday so it was really nice that we had no agenda and just got to enjoy each others company!


Reason #87 we love the coffee stand....SUCKERS!!
The shirt says it all!

He is brave and fearless now....quite a combo

This kid LOVES coffee. He always wants mine when I have one. I usually let him drink the melted ice water/coffee after I've finished.

I Did It!!

I weeded today. First time since last fall. I got the middle island that separates our house from our neighbors done. So nice to have accomplished even a tiny thing outside. It just hasn't been that nice out yet when I've had free time. The kiddos were helpful, they dug in the dirt, played on their swingset, and pulled each other around in their wagon. We came inside, showered together (oh what an adventure that is...the kids hate showers!) had lunch and they went down for a nap...so far a long nap. At least Trey is sleeping, Abby has been quiet but I don't think she's sleeping. Whatever, as long as she stays in her room, right?!

Plus, I hung up 3 pictures today. I could only find 3 nails so that was it for today. I did get all the frames filled so that I can finish the wall up the stairs. I finished Abby's on her first birthday, poor Trey had to wait until he was 2 to get a picture on the wall. Oh well. I'm hoping that I can get everything hung up by next week. I love crossing things off my list!!

Abby's 1st Haicut!

It took almost 4 years to get here but we finally made it to Abby's FIRST HAIRCUT!! She has been deathly afraid of getting her haircut since she found out what a haircut was. But I went over to my friend/hairdresser's (AKA the mom of Abby's best friend) house yesterday to get my own hair done and Abby thought she'd give it a whirl. It was her own idea. You could have knocked me over with a feather. She got the ends trimmed up and she is very happy that her hair is still longer than mine.

Getting her hair washed...just like in the salon!

Oh, she is just so cute!

A Sunday Drive

We were running pretty low on coffee supplies so a trip to Cash & Carry was our plan for Sunday. A small errand that turned into a 7 hour day of F.U.N.!!! The kids fell asleep soon after hitting the freeway so we decided to give them a few extra minutes of shut-eye and drive out to Hovander Park in Ferndale. I hadn't been there in many, many years and it was as fun as I remembered it to be. The kids had a blast checking out the animals and running, running, running! Abby was super bummed that we hadn't packed a picnic lunch so we promised her another trip, WITH a picnic, in the future.
Trey watching the duck swimming.
This turkey was huge and kept showing off his feathers
Abby was a little unsure of the turkey but liked the chickens
I don't know much about bunnies but I think this one may have had narcolepsy, it kept falling over asleep.
Checking out the goats in their barn
Climbing the tower
Go, Abby, go!
Trey liked checking out the surroundings
We were pretty hungry after playing at the park and stopped to eat at Sonic. We let the kids have a "picnic" in the back of the car. It's so nice now that they are a bit older. Jerry and I got to eat in peace in the front and the kids had a blast sitting in the back.
After that we finally made it to Cash & Carry, got our supplies and headed to Costco. We had looked at a tent at the Burlington Costco but they didn't have any in stock on our last trip so we gave the B'ham one a shot and they had it, so we bought it. Yes, we bought a tent. Yes, we might actually use it....even me. If you know me at all you know that is a BIG DEAL. I do not camp. I do not like it at all. The bugs, the dirtiness of it all, the bugs, the bugs, the bathroom issue, the bugs. Yep, I am going to go camping one day. The things I am willing to do for my kids. And to end our day we stopped at Cornwall Park. One of my favorite places as a kid (at least that I remember) and my own kids sure had a blast there. They thought it was so great to throw pinecones off one side of the bridge and watch for it to come out on the other side. Super fun!

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Beauty of Spring!

So the colors may be artificial but they're still pretty!

Oh so smart

Abby and I were cuddling in her bed after reading books last night and out of the blue we had this conversation:

A: Mom, people live on Earth right?
M: Yes.
A: And we're people and live on Earth
M: You're right.
A: There are other planets right?
M: Yes there are. Lots of them
A: But no people live on those planets do they?
M: Nope, just on Earth
A: How come?
M: Because our planet is special
A: Okay. And this is called the whole world right (spreading arms around again)
M: Yep, Earth is also called the world
A: How big is it? This big? (arms far apart)
M: Bigger
A: This big?! (arms farther apart)
M: Even bigger
A: This big??!! (arms as far apart as they go)
M: It's bigger than your arms and my arms can reach
A: Wow Mom, that IS big!
M: Where did you learn about planets from?
A: I just learned it in my mind
M: Any other questions?
A: No, that was it.

It's always fun to hear just what her little brain is pondering. Jerry and I figured out that she must have heard about Earth and whatnot from watching Space Monkeys the other day. Everything you know you learn on tv, right??!

'cause I think they're cute!

Once in a while I find them playing together nicely.

Fireman Trey

Sassy lady
Look at that face!

They sat like this for a while, so sweet.
New baseball slippers!
And they wrestle...a lot. Trey is usually the instigator and almost always winds up on top. That kid is quite aggressive!

My little bookworm. She just cracks me up!
Trey is becoming quite a little chatterbox now. I understand most of what he says and I am constantly surprised by what he knows and how smart he is. I think it has been a combination of getting older and the fact that we read to him nightly that has made his language really come along fast the last month or so.