Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Yes, we did go see the tulips. Jerry and his friend Steve used to have stickers on their bikes saying "Nuke the tulips" and when Steve found out that Jerry was indeed going to be a tulip-gawker he laughed mightily hard. I guess when the traffic ruins your town for a while as a kid you don't really appreciate it! But Abby is really into flowers right now so we went on Sunday morning while it was pretty quiet and stopped by a little field to get pictures. Then we went to Lowes for some flowers and she and I put together some pots for the deck. She was actually quite a good helper and very proud of herself afterwards. And Sunday was also the day that our lawn finally got mowed. This only happened 4 times last year due to weather and schedules (and the fact that I refuse to do it...not my job!). Hopefully this year we - and by we I mean Jerry - will reach double digits.

he makes this face every time his sunglasses go on
checking out the tulips
smelling them
and pretending to gag...weirdo
loves to point
me and my babies
she wanted to crouch down like that for every picture
Jerrys 2 & 3
walking with Daddy
and sister

waving bye-bye to the tulips
It's hard work being a kid
getting ready to plant flowers
really getting serious about her gardening

Friday, April 24, 2009


And to the list of foods Trey has tried we can now add cat vomit. A little pile of mostly undigested food was found by the little guy under the table while I was making his lunch. I guess it was a pretty tasty appetizer as he put up quite a fuss when I cleaned it up.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


This post should finally catch me up! After our trip to the playground and a stop at home for lunch, I got the kids loaded back up for a trip to the baseball field. I was in no shape (or mood) to go last year so it was fun to go watch. Abby was so excited to go and told me that she "needed her mitten to stand up and catch baseballs", smart cookie. Trey thought the whole thing was pretty neat, he liked all the clapping and cheering. Abby was quite a hit too, all she wanted to do was run so she did a lot of it behind the dugout, much to the delight and enjoyment of some of the spectators.
Jerry, the first base coach.
checking out the field post-game
she got to run the bases
rounding first
passing second
third base here she comes
they had already raked the dirt so through the infield to home she went
my favorite picture!
learning how to pitch
being silly!


Oh little buddy! Trey is really starting to lose his baby-ness now. He's been trying lots and lots of new food, strawberries, mango, kiwi, salmon, eggs, etc. I've been letting him try and feed himself once in awhile but he hasn't quite gotten the idea of a spoon down yet, he prefers his fingers. Abby was pretty handy with utensils by a year but Trey marches to his own laid-back beat. He's such a cautious little thing when it comes to walking, so we aren't quite there yet either. He only likes standing/walking if he's got a hand on something - at least it's down to one hand and not both. He is, however, not afraid to go upstairs alone (mommy forgot to shut the gate!), pull on the cats' fur, stand up in the tub, or eat anything he comes across on the floor. Definitely a boy. He has also developed a love of screeching -and I'm talking a high-pitched girly shriek. Mostly it happens when he's hungry or wants attention and we have yet to figure out how to stop it....so for now I'm really happy that I don't have complete hearing back in one ear! He also had his first trip to the park and on the swings. That was all I let him do since I had to watch Abby also but he sure loved them, even when I pushed him pretty high. I guess you can be brave when you're stuck in a bucket! And lastly, he has decided that he LOVES, LOVES, LOVES, his bottle. He never batted an eye once he started having them everyday. He went from a scant 4 ounces all morning to 9 oz bottles each time. He was using the Similac packets until he started drinking like a dehydrated camel so I switched him to the super cheap Kirkland brand and that seems to be fine with him. Thanks goodness, $2o for two big cans vs. $25 for a small can, hmmmmm, which one makes more sense (or more cents!). Only three weeks till Trey-bugs first birthday, can't wait!!!

finally outside
watching sister play in the fountain
so serious
I love it when he lays on the floor
"feeding" himself

reading outside - definitely momma's boy
first pancake
Hey Mom, do you like "see" food?
look at that hair
cutie pie
I LOVE his chubby cheeks!
relaxing outside after a long day at the playground
he's getting taller


As I have taken nearly 400 pictures since Easter and haven't posted on a regular basis I'm doing a post for each kid of the last two week's worth of happenings.

all dressed in pink
I put bubbles in her fountain
cutting and gluing...fun new activities
outdoor playing = tired Abby
She fell asleep eating her mac & cheese
popsicle, pinwheel, bubbles and a pink bucket full of dandelions...what more could a little lady want?
rocks go in the green bucket
ice cream outside
coloring outside
sacked out
playing at the park
chicken nugs and kiwi....she loved eating outside!

It's been so nice out and Abby has certainly taken advantage of that! She's old enough now that she can go outside and play by herself. I put some bubbles in her fountain and every day she gets so excited to turn it on and watch the bubbles form. She's into picking dandelions, good thing we haven't mowed yet so there's lots out there. She's talking in full sentences, sometimes rather l -o-n-g sentences. I'm constantly amazed by the things she remembers, things she has learned and what she has overheard! She is doing a little better in the sleep department at night but is pretty well done with naps - not that she doesn't need one, she just won't take one. I've decided that for her birthday her wish list will consist of anything from Michaels. We've been there twice in the last week and she can't get enough of that place. She was allowed to pick out 12 new sheets of paper and it took her a good 20 minutes to decide on which ones. She's still amazingly OCD, I have come to the conclusion that she will never change in that department, fine by me. So many things I could say about her, I just can't remember any right now!