Sunday, March 29, 2009

this and that

So all 4 of us here are now sick with nasty head colds. The kids have a gross wet cough going on plus snot, snot, and more snot. They are like little faucets of fun. Jerry and I have managed to keep the snot from covering our faces in a crusty layer, gotta love Kleenex! Abby and Jerry are watching some NASCAR today and Abby drew this racecar on her Magna help from anyone. Pretty talented little lady.

even with snot all over her face she's cute
"Abby, will you marry me?" "No way brother!"
My back was turned for two minutes and somehow he crawled under the table found a bag of sliced apples (they were only a day old), opened the bag and started eating them. Yuck.

Yes I cleaned my fridge and Yes I did take a picture of it for proof. The oldest thing I found in there was a bottle of dressing that expired in May of '07, yum.

Friday, March 27, 2009


We were out of bread, milk and diapers this morning so a trip to the store was completely necessary even though the kids are still grossly sick. I managed to get in a quick shower this morning so that I at least looked somewhat put together and after a serious struggle getting both kids dressed (they were really not interested in leaving the house) and we were off. I was so sure that it was going to be an awful trip but my two kids were by far the best behaved children in the entire store. They are generally very well behaved in public and today they were exceptionally good, maybe due to the Tylenol they both got before we left. Anyhoo, we were in line behind a lady who was probably older than the dirt that the wheat for my 6 loaves of bread was planted in... and while her 28 (yes 28!) empty travel shampoo bottles were being scanned she decided to take that 5 minutes of time and write down two parenting websites for me. She then handed me that paper with her old lady handwriting on it and said (while glaring at my silent kids) "Here's a few websites you should look at that will give you some great tips on how to be a good parent." W.H.A.T???? I looked at her like she was insane, wadded up the paper and threw it right at her face, nailing her between the eyes. Okay, so that was in my mind, I really just said thanks and put it in my pocket. I just can't believe the gall of some people. Maybe she thought that my kids were the ones that had thrown the shampoo bottle on the ground, spraying its contents everywhere back on aisle 8. Another reason I don't like people.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


It was my niece Sophia's 3rd birthday in February and we all got together this past weekend to celebrate. It was great getting to see my siblings and other extended family, we don't get together often. The little kids hadn't seen each other since Christmas and boy do babies grow fast! Abby was excited to play with someone else's toys and Sophia was pretty good about sharing her things. Easton is quite the little mover now. I think he can cover in two "crawls" (they're not steps so what do you call them?) as Trey can cover in five. Trey was not too interested in Easton's play technique...some biting, pinching, pushing, etc. but they still crawled around and played together. Abby didn't have a nap the entire day and was so well behaved until around 6 pm, I must say I was shocked she didn't have any major meltdowns. I guess she saves all those for when we're home....lucky me. We have to take a ferry to get there and Ab wasn't too sure that she would love it but she sure had a great time exploring the ship. In all my trips on ferries I have never seen anything remotely exciting and on this trip there was a small pod of Orcas in the water...on the other side of the boat *sigh*, maybe one day I'll be in the right place at the right time. Next kid's birthday is Trey's...I can't believe he'll be 1!!!

on the ferry
Matt and Easton
Sophia and her olives
Sophia (still with the olives), Molly and Abby
Easton and Trey (they're only 7 weeks apart!)
Simon giving Sophia an "airplane ride"
Aunt Sally and Abby
Isn't Easton a doll?!
Uncle Mark and Abby
Trey bug
Present time!!
The "Cars" cake...Bethany made it herself!!! And she had the best food there, nice job Bethany!!
Babies are always good entertainment
Mmmmm, cake
Trey leaving his mark on the Bauthues house

Did Someone Say SNOT?

This is what both kids looked like this morning. Abby is just old enough to say No to getting her picture taken. Poor kids. And poor Mom as they have given me back my cold. Regifting is so not cool.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bath Time

Who loves his bath?

so chubby!
fun times

Abby is not so excited about the splashing

"Look what I found!"

cute babes

Friday, March 20, 2009


One sweet natured, happy, quiet girl who sleeps well and doesn't throw fits.

One loud, temper-tantrum-throwing girl who doesn't sleep, does not play well with others, is not nice to her brother.

If you find my missing child I will gladly trade her for the one I found.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I did it!

Well, when Jerry said that downloading the pictures was simple he was correct. It works exactly like the other camera's card. Being the tech-challenged girl I am I love that! Here's some pics from the week.

his "cheese" face

i love this one, Abby has a massage bug on her forehead in the background.
what her hair usually looks like
all Wii'd out
me and my buddy

fat Doodles showing off a sweet skill
a wee playing a Wii
all in pink, with pink bubbles
working on her "smile" face
showing off some pearly whites
naked baby!
so cute!
Daddy's a big guy
she made mom a special breakfast just like Kimmi does on Hi-5
guess who I caught eating some of the paint from the windowsill?

Oh yes, my baby boy will eat anything that comes near his mouth (unless it's a vegetable!). A wallflower from bath & body works was put on the windowsill upside down and made the paint bubble up. I didn't remember until I saw Trey chewing something white the other day and saw that he had picked some pieces off. I moved him away and then I'm sure I got distracted by another Abby-meltdown and never got back to covering it up and today I caught him eating yet another piece. I covered it with book tape so he shouldn't be able to get anymore. I tell you what, that kid finds EVERYTHING that's not nailed down and tries eating it. There is only so much baby-proofing one can do and Trey has become a master at getting around all my security measures. Raising a boy is most definitely different from raising a girl!

And in other fun news, Abby once again decided that she needed to go potty...and go potty NOW, once we had filled our cart at Target and were in the back end of the store. I asked her more than once if she needed to go before I got them in the cart and started shopping and I got an emphatic NO as a reply. Of course she waits until the most inconvenient time! I didn't even bother shutting the stall door when we were in there because with two kids and myself there wasn't enought room to shut the door. I love chaning less diapers but boy do I hate the middle of shopping mad dash to the potty runs!!!