Monday, December 6, 2010


So apparently I"m not a goer or a doer or a blogger!  Oh well, here's the latest Gardner business. 

We went real Trick-or-Treating this year, Abby was all about it.  She kept asking if she was the best trick-or-treater ever.  Of course she was!  She was a bumblebee and Trey was a monkey this year.  I have one picture I think (lame, right?) but it's on my phone and no matter how many times Jerry explains how to get them from the phone to the computer I just don't remember how.  Oops.  So use your imaginations.

We went to Disney on Ice in November.  We went last year with just Abby but decided that Trey was old enough to go with us this year.  It was unbelievable!  All the princesses/princes plus Toy Story characters and many others.  It was such a huge hit with the kids, I hope they have another show in Everett next year.

We did Thanksgiving dinner at Jerry's parents' house on Thursday and then drove to Bremerton that Saturday to celebrate with my family.  Both events were super fun!  Abby and Sophia are now at the age where they just run off to play and when I went to check on them I was informed that I should GO AWAY!  And so it begins that I'm not wanted when friends are around!

Jerry did most of our Xmas shopping on Wed and Thurs nights of Thanksgiving.  I love it since I'm not much of a shopper!  We have a few more items to get but now it's mostly wrapping and decorating that I have to do...the fun stuff if you ask me!  And Jerry is working a  24-hour shift on Christmas Eve and won't be home until 9:30-ish so it's up to me to keep the kiddos upstairs until he gets home - should be interesting!

We went to Woolley's tree lighting/parade Saturday night and that was fun.  It's a short parade and the SW Fire Truck is always by far the best decorated thing in the parade...all thanks to my bro-in-law Glen.

What happens when Abby and Luca do boy makeovers!
High Tea in the Gardner house

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