Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I am not...

a go-er.  Or a do-er.  I don't like having a lot on my agenda or having to be places frequently.  Work, errands, picking up Abby and going to volleyball.  That pretty much sums up the extent to my weeks.  I don't like to have organized time at home.  I like to just see how the day goes.  I don't spend all day doing chores and cleaning stuff.  I like to hang out with my kids and just do whatever suits them for the most part.  Given the choice between going somewhere with my kids and staying home with them I will choose staying at home over 90% of the time.

However, Jerry and I did get a babysitter (Taylor!!  Our favorite girl!) on Saturday night and go to the SWFD Boot the Burn auction/dance.  A few drinks in and I was having a great time.  There were tons of people, some good friends of ours included, and the auction was a huge success!  I managed to not be slurring my words and keep all my clothes on so Jerry said I wasn't embarrassing to him :)  That last line makes me giggle.

And I did take the kids down to the house of one of my besties for a playdate last night.  She has twins and our kids all get along super well.  The boys played swords, guns and video games upstairs and us girls had "girl time" downstairs.  It was super relaxing which is good because this is a long week for us!!  And in case you were wondering, hanging out with Ranelle and the twins falls into the 10% of times I like taking the kids somewhere.  Cheers to great friends.

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Tanya said...

I laughed out loud reading this Megan! You are SO me! I can count on one hand the number of times I've been to someone's house for coffee in the past five years, EVERYONE comes here. Sometimes it takes me 3 weeks to go through a tank of gas! CHEERS to staying at home with our kiddos!